Taiga Test Camp

Courses in physical reactions, clothing and environmental conditions

Against extreme heat. Against bitter cold. Against stormy winds. Against icy cold sea. Against hazardous electric current. Against electric arc. Against heavy rain. Against hazardous chemicals. Against liquid-borne contagion. Against flames. We know what protects you. Do you?

With the Taiga Test Camp, we offer courses on how clothing affects your performance and comfort in different climates and working conditions.

There’s a whole science to dressing right

Clothing is the most important protective equipment. But the right clothing isn’t everything – you also need to know how to use it. According to research from Lund University, good clothing counts for 40 % and knowledge counts for 60 % in order for an experienced worker to achieve top performance. The opposite applies to an inexperienced worker: good clothing counts for 60 % and knowledge for 40 %. This might not seem like a big difference at first glance. But when you work in a tough environment it’s important to have the margins on your side.

Diagram equipment and knowledge

Our courses

It takes a lot of knowledge to dress right. But not everybody knows that. That’s why the Taiga Test Camp holds training courses in dressing effectively for different climates and working environments. Choose a ready-made course or tailor your own day.

Taiga Test Camp

Learn more about how to dress right for outdoor work at the Taiga Test Camp! The course is primarily for people who work in extreme and challenging environments where efficiency and concentration are crucial.

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Industry day: Ambulance

Meet colleagues and share experiences on our industry day for the ambulance sector. Here you can test our clothing in extreme conditions in our climate chambers, learn about the latest products and news and discuss industry-related topics.

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Build your own day

Tailor your own industry day with Taiga, according to your needs and preferences. Suitable for large organisations or businesses with unique needs.

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