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Taiga Test Camp

Taiga Test Camp

Learn more about how to dress right for outdoor work at the Taiga Test Camp. This course is for users and buyers who work outdoors and want to learn more about how to dress right for different climates and working conditions. Through practical tests in our climate chambers, theory and real outdoor experiences, you will explore how the body reacts in different conditions.

The course starts with a morning theory session where you explore CE marking of protective clothing, take an in-depth look at textiles and learn the basics in preparation for the practical exercises later in the course such as climate, behaviour and performance in cold conditions and the body’s heat balance.

After the theory session, we will prepare for the practical exercises to be carried out in the Taiga Climate Lab in extreme cold, artificial rain and tropical heat. You will experience, under controlled conditions, just how small the margins can be between comfort and discomfort and how this affects your performance.

The third stage of the course takes place outdoors in the forest and countryside. Practical outdoor exercises will help you develop your knowledge in a safe and informal setting. The practical exercises are led by survival expert Ingvar Kranscher. You will spend the night outdoors in the forest.

We get up early, break camp and get ready for the day ahead. After breakfast, we continue our focus on physical activity and psychological factors. The activities are designed to test our clothing systems in actual conditions and experience their functions during intensive physical activity.

22-23 November 2018

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