Our integrated offering

Taiga 360° is our integrated offering. In it, we have gathered our knowledge about clothing, climate, working environment and the human body. When you buy a Taiga clothing system, you meet us in three interrelated phases: analysis, training and follow-up. We are with you through the whole process and always respect your needs.

Vårt helhetserbjudande

Working environment

We have knowledge and understanding of conditions in different industries and how people and organisations function in work situations.

Clothing systems

Through our collaboration with external experts and institutes, we have cutting-edge knowledge about materials and CE markings. We know how design and function affect your work and the best way to dress for your specific job.

Vårt helhetserbjudande

The human body

Because we know how the human body reacts to challenging conditions such as extreme cold, rain or heat, we always make people our primary focus rather than the actual garments.


Our close collaboration with scientists and users has given us knowledge and understanding of weather conditions, product durability and company practices.