Climate Protection Systems™

Good work clothes should keep you dry, warm and safe without restricting your movement. Taiga’s clothing systems are based on the layer-on-layer principle: Dry, Warm and Secure. The first layer limits convection nearest the skin and keeps you dry. After this comes the warm layer, which insulates and wicks away moisture. If necessary, this layer can be supplemented. The outermost layer is your protection against external factors, from rain and wind to electric arcs and hazardous chemicals.


The layer closest to the body that eliminates moisture and keeps you dry.


The middle layer that insulates and generates heat inside the clothing system.


The outer layer that protects against the weather and other external factors.

Winter clothing system

Designed for work in cold and challenging winter conditions.

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High Visibility clothing system

High visibility combined with protection against the elements and other external factors.

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Make the right choice with
the Taiga Clothing Tool

Taiga Clothing Tool
The Taiga Clothing Tool is an online tool that helps you choose the right clothing system according to weather and activity. We developed it in collaboration with the Centre for Environment and Climate Research (CEC), Lund University.. To use the tool, you answer questions about the climate you will be operating in, your protection needs (cold, wet, chemicals, electricity etc.), your physical activity and your physical characteristics (height, weight and gender). Based on this information, the tool calculates the clothing system that suits your best.