About Taiga

When Taiga was founded in 1982, the company’s ambition was to create the market’s best work clothing for people who are required to work outdoors regardless of the weather, environment or other risk factors. Since then, we have been a pioneer in developing clothing systems for challenging work environments.

Today, we develop our clothing in collaboration with various test laboratories, polar researchers, work environment experts and – of course – users of Taiga clothing. There’s a whole science to dressing right – literally. And it involves much more than just materials and functions. For example, the base layer you wear determines what type of jacket works best. Your job determines the protection you need and how warm your clothes should be.

Various factors determine the correct choice of clothing. For this reason, you should not regard your work clothes as a combination of individual garments, but as a complete integrated system. We summarize this concept as Taiga Climate Protection Systems™. Our aim is to make sure you can do your job – whatever it is.

Ann Rydholm, managing director Taiga AB
Ann Rydholm, managing director Taiga AB