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For people who work outdoors in extreme heat, cold or wet conditions. For people who work in challenging environments and for those who act when others are in danger and can make the difference between life and death. For all of you who make sure everything works so that the rest of us can relax. We are here for you.

Taiga 360

Our integrated offering

Our sales process takes place in three stages: analysis, training and support with assistance from external experts and institutes. We are with you through the whole process and always respect your needs.

There’s a whole science to dressing right

Do you work outdoors in tough weather conditions? If so, it’s important to dress right. But there’s no single way of dressing that suits everybody. At the Taiga Test Camp you will learn what it’s like working in extreme heat, bitter cold and heavy rain wearing both the right and the wrong clothing systems.

Are you warm, dry and safe?

Good work clothes should keep you dry, warm and safe without restricting your movement. Our clothing system is based on the layer-by-layer principle. The first layer keeps you dry, the second layer insulates and wicks away moisture and the third layer protects against the elements and other external factors.

Dry Warm Secure
Hjältarna på Island

Heroes in Iceland

“As we were rising to the surface, I couldn’t see anything and could only keep in contact with my colleague by listening for his breathing.”